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200M Wreck Reel

200M Wreck Reel

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Our biggest reel, perfect for deeper wrecks and cave diving, and for people who just like carrying a lot of line.

This reel has the same patented folding handle as the Axle and Locknut reels, and uses the same locking mechanism as the Locknut reel. However, manually reeling in more than 100m of line is never fun, which is why our wreck reel incorporates a handle on the same side as the locking mechanism, instead of locking off the reel and winding your line in by hand, simply unlock the reel so it once again rotates independently of the foldable handle, and use the smaller handle on the other side to wind in your line.

It's unique patented folding handle as well as neutral buoyancy make it easy to use without the worry of dropping and losing your reel in difficult conditions.

Streamlined design to ensure less chance of hangups.

Built out of printed nylon composites, incredibly light at 379 G and very strong.

Comes with a 115mm double-ended stainless steel bolt snap.


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