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Kraken Sidemount Diving Harness

Kraken Sidemount Diving Harness

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The Kraken Sidemount Diving Harness, the lightest and most modular system on the market.

Designed with one thing in mind, functionality, the Kraken Sidemount Diving Harness is the result of years of RnD in the water and in the workshop combining the best materials and manufacturing processes to create an ultra light, robust and modular harness and wing.

The Kraken Diving Harness arrives pre-made ready to dive, all it needs is to be sized and weighted thus reducing the time spent on land adjusting.

This Sidemount harness includes all the hardware necessary to dive any type of configuration, be it Steel or Aluminium cylinders, recreational or technical diving and open water or overhead environments.

The Kraken Diving Harness has the options of soft or stiff webbing, giving the user the choice of ultimate comfort and ease of travel, or unmatched rigidity and control.

All the hardware on the harness is made from a high end carbon composite material with inlaid Kevlar fiber's, this makes the Kraken Diving Harness extremely light weight while being more than capable of handling the rigours of diving.

As we continue to receive invaluable feedback from our test divers and customers, we will be adding more and more options to this system, including a bum bag and soft weight pockets (coming soon)

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