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G192 power pack and cave light

G192 power pack and cave light

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The Nanight C3 is a durable and heavy duty dive light for any dive environment.

With an 5° spotlight, the light provides an incredible reach even in bad visibility.

The canister mount is a robust design of A4 Stainless steel and the goodman handle is made of high grade carbon fiber.

The light is equipped with simple reliable magnetic switch without any complicated mechanics, that will sustain years of use in salt water.

The 192 Wh Li-Ion Power Canister has a regulated output voltage and built in USB-C charger.

This battery pack can be used as a power source for heat vests or other equipment using the E/O cord connector. Up to 4 different voltages can be configured and used during the dive.

The battery pack can also be used as a USB power bank.

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