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Carbon Sidemount Harness

Carbon Sidemount Harness

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Our sidemount harness is one of the lightest and most durable available on the market.

It's components are made of carbon composite materials. This means that despite the lack of weight the harness components are very solid and durable. The use of additive manufacturing also allows us to use a thinner and more comfortable webbing because we can shape our components so that they don't fray the webbing material.

While we do sell these harness configurations on our online shop, we also offer a custom fitting in our warehouse in Worcestershire where we can do all the initial harness adjustments to make sure you leave with something that fits you perfectly. If you're interested in having your harness fitted contact us here

  • 6m of black 50mm webbing
  • 2m of 8mm Super Flex bungee cord
  • 1m of 4mm Super Flex bungee cord
  • 1m of 50mm velcro for weight attachment
  • 3 Weight flex spine backplate or 4 single weight plate
  • 4x low profile Waist 90º D-Rings
  • Upper Back plate
  • Lower Backplate
  • Front and Rear Crotch Strap D-Rings
  • 2 x 4 slot Tri-Glides
  • 2 x 2 Slot Tri-Glides
  • 2 x Split 45 º D-Rings
  • Back Anchor Point left and right
  • 2 x Waist to Chest webbing attachments
  • 2 x Bungee anchor points
  • 2 x Chest Bungee attachments
  • 1 x Low profile waist buckle


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